I am happy with the service

I am happy with the service, specially for the price I pay. It is not much, that is why I am happy. The service obtained is definitely a high quality one.

Very Good!! The Best I joined...

This sports club is a very good one. I have been to others before, but after joining here, I am fully satisfied with the services provided. The staff are really friendly and specially informative when you are new to the club. I had the opportunity to work with two coaches. Both of them were very comprehensive, wih students who are only beginners, just like me.

So I think the staff are compelled to be nice and understanding which is a plus point as all kinds of members are present in the club. The environment is clean. A sports club should be very particular with hygiene as people sweat during exercises and this can encourage bacterial reproduction if not properly cleaned. I can say I am really happy with the hygiene here.

Overall the club is welcoming, with the facilities offered and the quality of service. Here is a brief review of the advantages:
  1. Very clean surrounding
  2. Staff friendly
  3. Comprehensive coach
  4. Good facilities

I love it

The swimming lesson which I am enrolled in is really interesting. My coach is very friendly. This makes learning swimming rather fun.

There are a lot of facilities which help me a lot, as I come here directly after work.
The cafeteria and bathroom facilities are a real help.