About Us

We are a sports club which encourages professionalism, discipline and expertise. We have a wide range of facilities offered to our members. Locker cabinets, bathrooms and cafeteria are essential for any sports club as they provide an easy option considering individual hectic schedules. The infrastructure of the club is modern yet minimalistic to focus on quality training.

Professional trainers conduct seminars at regular intervals, throughout the year, to give special training. Also, many of our members join competitions at national level after being trained at the club.

Our annual competition attracts people from all over Malaysia including well known professional athletes. Also, people from Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand are more and more in number to participate every year.

We are in partnership with other fitness clubs located in Ipoh and Johor Bahru. We normally have coaches from there joining us frequently. As well, our members are able to train for free in our partner clubs when they are out of station.

We make sure to match our members’ expectations by regulating the temperature level of the swimming pool before each session. Moreover, the cleaning team disinfect the water, sports equipment and surrounding premises, including common spaces, every day to ensure no bacteria built up. This guarantees a hygienic and healthy environment for some intensive professional training.